Because security starts at home

Maximum Security Systems is a true family-run business – Dad – Malcolm, a retired Policeman, and son – Steve, a security systems engineer bringing nearly twenty years’ experience with local and national alarm companies.
You can find out more about the company, but we’d like to take this opportunity to tell you a little bit more about the team. That way, you’ll know who you’re talking to when you call…

Meet Malcolm

Malcolm has a unique perspective on the security business. As a retired Policeman with 20 years’ experience, he’s seen the results of poorly-maintained or an absence of security at homes and workplaces. He’s spoken to burglary victims after they’ve reported their crimes. He understands the long-term effects that a break-in or burglary can have.
And that makes him perfect for this job.
It’ll be Malcolm you speak to when you make your initial enquiry. And you’ll find him really easy to talk to. After all his years on the police force, he’s a people-person. Not a sales person.
Malcolm will be guided by you. So tell him what you’re looking for, tell him what you want to achieve, and if you’re working to a set budget, let him know. He’ll help you decide on the best security system or alarm for your property.

Meet Steve

Steve knows the alarms and security business inside and out. After eighteen years with local and national security companies, he’s helped a lot of people feel safer in their homes; he’s helped a lot of businesses look after their staff, property, stock and equipment.
Steve established Maximum Security Systems in 2011; it became a limited company in 2012. And it was the right move at the right time. Steve had been working with some pretty big security companies, but the bigger the company, the further you get from the day-to-day job of helping clients. And that’s what Steve wanted to do more than anything else.
So when you call Maximum Security Systems and you talk to Malcolm or Steve, you’ll get the help you need. And you’ll get a detailed review of all your requirements. Malcolm will assess your home or offices with you, so that together, you can decide on the right kind of alarms or security requirements. And then Steve and the team will install them for you.

Get in touch

Working with Malcolm and Steve is easy. There’s no pressure. Just lots of good advice and reassurance.
Give us a call on 01582 864138 or email us to take the next step…