Door Entry

Front door security 

The front door: it’s where we welcome friends and family into our home. And perhaps that’s why, when we visit customers, we often find that the front door hasn’t had as much thought given to security as it needs.

Front of house security arrangements

Don’t worry! We certainly don’t want to turn your front door into an impassable barrier. A good lock is important of course. We don’t sell locks, but given Malcolm’s police background, he’ll be happy to pass on any advice if you’re unsure about just how effective your current lock is.
What we do often recommend – is an audio or video door entry system.

Why do you need an audio / video door entry system?

Not everyone needs a door entry system. But if you’re ever in any doubt about opening your door, whether that’s in the day, or especially at night, a video / audio door entry system would be a very good idea.
An audio / video door entry system takes the uncertainty out of answering your door:

  • If it’s someone you don’t recognise, you can ask for identification.
  • If it’s someone you don’t want to let in, you don’t have to.
  • If someone comes to the door who makes you feel uncomfortable, you can call the police straightaway. Images of callers can even be stored on a video intercom system.

Just as importantly, they know. If someone comes to the door with the intention of gaining unlawful entry into your home (even if it’s just a persistent salesman) the sight of a door entry camera can discourage them.

Door entry systems for flats and apartments

The door entry system is a pre-requisite at flats and apartments. A combination of a top quality audio and/or video system helps residents to identify callers and buzz them in without fuss. Result: total peace of mind.

Are you a landlord?

If you’re a landlord, the right door entry system – or combination of door entry systems will give you the reassurance that only the people who are supposed to be in the building can actually get into the building.
They give your residents the same reassurance. It also shows them that you value their privacy and safety. Your residents will certainly feel reassured to know that every visitor has to buzz before they can get in.

Are you a visitor?

Visiting friends and relatives – particularly if you’re visiting students or older relatives for example – feels so much more reassuring when you know they’re in a safe, secure building.

What door entry systems do we recommend?

We’ve chosen two manufacturers in particular whose door entry systems are reliable and easy to use.

  • Comelit provides two tiers of door entry system designed for smaller and larger dwellings. They offer smart audio / video systems and their simple, discrete transmitter fobs fit easily onto key rings so they’re almost impossible to forget.
  • BPT door entry systems combine pin sharp picture with clear audio so that visitors are easy to identify quickly. And a separate door buzzer gives you the choice to let them in, or not.

Which door entry system do you need?

We can help you choose the right door entry system and Steve is an expert installer. Just call us on 01582 864138 or email us at to find out more.