Domestic Services

Safe as houses

Maximum Security Systems is here to make your home safer and more secure. To give you the reassurance that your home, your family and your possessions are all being well looked after.

You’ll get all these reassurances too:

  1. We’re not here to sell you more security than you need. We’re here to help you choose the right kind of security and alarms for your home. So you guide us.
  2. Your home won’t have to go into lock-down! We’ll help you choose the right alarms or security to fit the needs of your home and your neighbourhood.
  3. Security doesn’t have to be expensive – if you’ve got a set budget, we’ll stick to it.
  4. We’re here whenever you need us – so if you’ve ever got a problem with your existing alarm, ask us. If you’ve got any general security questions, get in touch.

Security systems and alarms for domestic customers

You can choose from a wide range of options for domestic security systems. Just click for more information on each…

Intruder alarms

Today’s wireless alarm systems come with a host of features to make them easier to use – with fobs and tags to prevent false alarms. Our top of the range systems can be automated through smartphones or laptops. You can even look inside your home at any time or from anywhere in the world. We also fit wired alarm systems for the more traditional requirements.


CCTV suits all domestic properties and is a good back up to an alarm system. Many properties and apartment buildings benefit from a CCTV system to keep all parts of the building under surveillance at all times. (The sight of that camera is a real deterrent.) Through an internet connection you can log-in to view real time images direct from the camera feed.

Door entry

Getting the right door entry system can really take a weight off. It’s incredibly reassuring knowing that all your visitors have to buzz before you’ll let them in. With crime prevention in mind, it’s always safer to keep callers at a distance.

Security lighting

Today’s security lighting for the home is designed for its good looks as well as its security-enhancing credentials. Neat, compact and powerful, we’ll help you choose the lights that will keep your house and grounds well lit.

Security fencing / gates

Security gates make a great deterrent. It doesn’t just restrict easy access; it cuts off a quick escape route, making burglars far less likely to even try and break in.

Repairs and servicing

Having the right alarms and security is one big reassurance. Having us available to come over and make repairs or carry out maintenance is another. Find out about our repair and protection options…

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