Security Lighting

Security lighting to keep your premises safe

What happens when the lights go out and everyone goes home? How do you protect your workplace from unwanted intruders. Alarms? CCTV cameras? Security gates? All good options. But don’t underestimate the power of good security lighting...

Nowhere to hide

Security lighting eliminates the shadows. It can light up every part of your business premises so there really is nowhere left to hide.
One of our founders – Malcolm – is a retired police officer. And his investigations into burglaries at commercial and domestic premises over the years have proved one thing above all others:

Intruders always pick an easy target.

They’ll choose a workplace that’s conveniently dark to help them get in and out unseen. They’ll choose one without an alarm, cameras, fences or other security systems. So a workplace without any security at all is an obvious target.
You might stock hundreds and thousands of pounds worth of stock, but if your premises are well-lit, and potentially feature other security systems, most criminals won’t take the chance. They’d much rather target a smaller company with less or no security.

Lights and security

The very best kind of system combines lighting and CCTV cameras. The lights will work in conjunction with the cameras so that you’ll be alerted whenever the lights activate.
We can also synchronise the system with your tablet or smartphone so that you will get an instant notification. By connecting your DVR to the internet you will be able to view a live feed from your cameras. And if you need to alert the police, you can do so immediately and confirm to them that persons are on your premises. This is the sort of information that the police will really appreciate before going in to investigate.

Suppose you don’t have cameras?

Even if you don’t have alarms or cameras, a would-be intruder doesn’t know that. Security lighting will certainly be sufficient to deter a lot of potential intruders.
As far as he’s concerned there might be alarms; there could be cameras. And because everything is so light, he knows they’ll be able to see every move.

Lights for all conditions

Of course, your security lighting has got to be tough and durable. Because if bulbs keep failing or sensors stop operating, you’ll soon stop using it. So here are two extra reassurances:

  1. We’ll recommend a system that will keep functioning through rain and shine, month after month after month.
  2. If something does go wrong, you can call us. Find out more about our service options for round-the-clock reassurance.

Let’s talk lights...

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