Door Entry

Simple, secure door entry systems for every business

Door entry systems are your first line of defence. They help ensure that only the right people get into your workplace. But there’s a lot more to them than that…
A door entry system can be a valuable employee management tool; it can help to record employee timekeeping, and, if necessary, monitor when employees access different areas of the workplace.
Door entry and access systems can also help keep sensitive material confidential. Or help ensure that projects still under development stay under wraps. Or keep your part of the building separate from employees of other businesses who share your building.

Our recommended suppliers

Comelit and BPT both specialise in versatile access systems that are easy to use, but offer excellent levels of business security.

  • Comelit’s internal and external door entry systems are beautifully designed and provide clear two-way sound and vision. Their access control units are controlled by discrete transmitter fobs that are designed to fit easily onto key rings.
  • BPT’s door entry systems are favoured for their impeccable picture quality and crystal-clear audio. That makes the whole business of admitting visitors so much easier – for them and you.

Keypads, fobs and tags and biometric fingerprint readers

There are as many different kinds of door access systems as there are doors. As well as electronic keypads, there are swipe cards, fobs, tags and biometric fingerprint readers – and we can talk you through all the available options.
You control user access and can quickly and easily upgrade or downgrade a user’s permission to access various parts of the building. Access can of course be removed altogether when an employee leaves.

Preventing unauthorised access

Door access systems are another important way of keeping unwanted visitors out. Just as security lights and visible alarms help prevent unwanted access when the premises are deserted, so door entry systems help discourage anyone who thinks they might be able to sneak into a busy building unnoticed during working hours.
So door entry systems are particularly welcome in residential and hospital settings, as well as in schools, offices and workplaces (particularly workplaces with a large, shifting workforce).
Above all, your door entry system helps you make sure that everyone who gets into the building is supposed to be in the building – and has been buzzed in by one of your members of staff.

Security starts here

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