For safety, for security

Why do companies invest in CCTV cameras for their offices, premises or grounds? Here are four of the biggest reasons:

  • To deter and prevent criminal action
  • To ensure that if there is any action against the company, it is recorded
  • To reassure staff that they are safe
  • To assist in the identification of any criminal offence

Whatever happens, you won’t miss a thing!

CCTV cameras are such a routine sight in our towns and cities that they’re being widely accepted in and around the workplace too. The reasons above prove that employees wholeheartedly approve. They know the cameras are there to protect them as well as safeguard the workplace and its assets.

And the biggest advantage of the latest range of CCTV systems – they record everything and relay it directly to you.

It’s easy to synchronise the CCTV feed to your smartphone or tablet. And that means that in the event an alarm is triggered, you can switch on and see everything. Of course, it all gets recorded too, giving you valuable evidence of a crime against your company.

But of course another big benefit of CCTV is that helps discourage would-be intruders and prevent criminal activity…

Visible security

CCTV cameras aren’t hidden away. They’re put out on display, showing any would-be intruder that anything he might try to do will be seen and recorded. And that’s usually enough to discourage any criminal activity.

In a commercial setting, we recommend some of the larger CCTV cameras for an even greater visible deterrent. It leaves no doubt in any would-be intruders mind that your premises are properly protected.

Some CCTV cameras use infra-red to record perfect pictures, even in the dead of night. Others use floodlights – another effective visual deterrent.

Covert cameras

If you need to monitor staff or have experienced problems with internal thefts, you may need to protect areas covertly. There are a wide range of options available. Just contact us for details.

Top quality security

Maximum Security Systems can talk you through a wide range of CCTV options, and tailor the layout and distribution of cameras to suit your needs.

We’ll also talk you through the technicalities, including picture quality and infra-red settings. We generally recommend a minimum 800 TV lines (TVL) of picture quality for the clearest possible image.

Find out more

You can call us on 01582 864138 or email us at for more information or to ask us any questions. And if you’d like to take it further, we’ll arrange to come and see your premises so we can make a more informed judgement of your security needs.

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