Automated Gates

Automated gates and fencing to safeguard your company’s assets

The right pair of automated gates sends out a clear message that your business premises are protected. They prevent visitors simply wandering onto the premises without being authorised first. And they certainly help to prevent intruders from trying to gain illegal access.

But gates aren’t just there for security...
Gates help to enclose a workplace to ensure privacy at all times. They show a line of demarcation too – helping employees get into work mode as they arrive each day.
Most importantly, gates and fencing help employees feel protected, particularly when used to enclose remote working areas or car parks

Gates for status

Your gates can even say something about your business. The smarter they are, the more you’re obviously willing to invest in looking after your company. And gates that combine a clear, easy-to-use access system make it easy and efficient for visitors to get on-site.

Choosing the right gates for your business

• Style. Even if gates are built for security first, they’re made with style in mind too. Hinged gates, sliding gates, wrought iron gates, wooden gates and fencing in a variety of styles and colours … Tell us what you’ve got in mind and we’ll help you choose the right gates for your property.
• Accessibility. How do you want to be able to get in and out? Key fobs? Tags? Intercom?
• Customer experience. Choose from different access systems to fit the volume of visitors you get.
• Safety. The automatic gates we recommend feature an automatic stop system. If anyone should get stuck or caught while the gates are closing, the emergency override will cut in.
Maximum Security Systems can talk you through all the many different options so you can choose the gates that enhance and protect your business.

Get in touch

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