Commercial Services

Looking after your business

Maximum Security Systems gives you the reassurance of knowing that when the last employee goes home at night, your offices and business premises are safe till morning.
But good office security isn’t just about keeping office buildings, equipment and infrastructure safe when no one’s looking, it’s about:

  • Making sure employees feel safe at all times
  • Showing you take employee safety and company security seriously
  • Ensuring uninterrupted service for your customers
  • Keeping insurance costs down

Alarms and security to suit your business

Maximum Security Systems offers a wide range of alarms and security systems, as well as security lighting, security gates and more. And that’s just the start...
You can call on us for security advice and suggestions. We’ll take a full inventory of your site and see what you need to achieve optimum security for minimal outlay.
We’ll work to your budget – and we can even make use of existing equipment whenever possible to try and keep your costs down.

Why choose Maximum Security Systems?

The company’s founders, Malcolm and Steve understand the practical requirements of business security – and appreciate that like everything else, the security budget is finite.
Our background is in police-work (Malcolm) and the alarms and security industry (Steve). And that gives us a fresh perspective. We know how to utilise alarms more effectively. How to position CCTV cameras for optimum view and range. We’re skilled at re-using existing equipment too, giving you the most adaptable, most cost-effective security service we possibly can.

Security systems and alarms for commercial customers

Choose from this extensive range of commercial security systems and alarms. Just click for more information on each…

Intruder alarms

Easy to use, easy to customise, and a doddle to maintain, today’s wireless alarm systems can be used on-site and accessed remotely. Combined alarms with PIR sensor cameras can even be used in tandem with a smartphone app so that you and designated colleagues can keep an eye on things when the workplace is empty. We can also provide an alarm monitoring service. Please call for details.


Carefully positioned CCTV cameras serve as a great deterrent to would-be intruders and ensure that all key parts of your offices, storage areas and car parks are kept under surveillance. And that’s a significant added benefit for staff safety too.

Door entry

A door entry system helps ensure that only the right people are allowed on-site. And because every visitor has to buzz for admittance, it means employees can go about their business without having to worry about unauthorised personnel wandering around the workplace.

Security lighting

Today’s security lighting is wonderfully customisable. It will protect your perimeter, or focus in on very specific parts of the building or outbuildings. Security lighting makes a great deterrent, but it also helps employees to get to remote parts of the complex, or get back to their car in safety.

Security fencing / gates

The right kind of gates and fencing sends a clear signal that you take security seriously. There are all sorts of options for style, size and height of gate and fence – talk to us about your requirements and we’ll start narrowing it down for you…

Repairs and servicing

Having the right alarms and security is reassuring. So is having us on standby, ready to make any necessary repairs or carry out maintenance. We can customise our repair and protection service to suit you…

Find out more about your commercial security options

Call us on 01582 864138 or email us at so we can talk over your requirements in a bit more detail.